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About project

Ariadne is a rational and adaptive irregular reinforcement algorithm. Like Ariadne’s threads, the algorithm creates paths for reinforcing structural products that will be 3D printed.

Ariadne is a research project that allows you to maximize the potential of composite structures and materials. For example, to increase the bearing capacity of products, to change the mass and material consumption, to reduce the cost.

The project is a continuation of the master’s thesis successfully completed in 2017 at BMSTU.

Theoretical research conducted by a group of scientists: Nikolay V. Zhivotenko, Denis S. Vdovin, Andrey V. Azarov, Alexey R. Khaziev.

The algorithm was tested on the Kirsch problem, a classical problem of deformed solid mechanics, where it showed excellent results:

  1. Numerical modeling deflected mode in the typical construction of small-size spacecrafts from the composite material with rational reinforcement.
  2. Reinforcing an experimental sample with a hole to achieve uniform stress distribution without weight increase.

Why is this project useful?

Traditional automated technologies for the production of products made of composite materials have a number of limitations, and do not fully realize all the advantages of composites. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of manufacturing parts, which is based on the creation of a physical object based on a CAD model by adding material, usually layer by layer, in contrast to subtractive production (machining) and traditional forming production (casting, stamping).

One of the new directions of AM is 3D printing of products made of composite materials reinforced with continuous fiber (Mighty Buildings, Inc., Anisoprint, SARL., Continuous Composites, Inc., Markforged, Inc., etc.). The main advantage of this technology is the possibility of flexible control of reinforcement trajectories in the resulting product. Such three-dimensional printing makes it possible to fully realize the advantages of a fiber composite and obtain products with high weight efficiency with a unique ability to resist loads.

Due to the presence of a complex internal structure and the directional nature of the physical and mechanical characteristics, composite materials can provide optimal load distribution within the structure, allowing the design of parts of optimal shape and internal structure that meets the current operational loads.

Any industry from aerospace to biotechnology needs new algorithms to optimize their products, and Ariadne designed to make them a reality.

How to contribute?

Email us at A detailed description is available here.